Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween English Speaking Games

Here are a few ideas that we used in class this week. Hope they can come in handy for Halloween or any other holiday event.

Halloween Skeleton Sentences

English level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
    Goal: You can use this activity to practice the conditionals and vocabulary. 
    How to: Write on the board "If I had a bigger bag, I would have more Halloween candy" Tell the students that they have to make a story using this pattern. Student have to use the second part of the phrase in the first part of their phrase. 
    S1 - "If I had a bigger bag, I would have more Halloween candy"
    S2 - "I would have more Halloween candy if had gone trick or treating"

Ghost Stories

English level: Upper intermediate - Advanced
    Goal: Grammar, verb & vocabulary review
This is a pretty simple one choose any grammar tense that you have practice up until now. Write on the board what grammar tenses can be used. After that the teacher starts the story.

e.g. One day when I was walking home I saw a penny on the floor. I picked up the penny and put it in my pocket and then I saw.....

S1 continues the story with 1 1/2 sentences... etc 

The point is that students revise the grammar that was learnt and vocabulary of course. 
To make this game more of a challenge, make verb cards and vocabulary cards. The students have to continue the story using the vocabulary and verb cards that they got. 


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